The most frequently asked questions about Care-At-Home Services

Do you have a special selection process for your employees?

All of our Home Carer applicants must meet the minimum qualification recommended by the H.S. E –Fetac Level 5 in Health Care Assistant. They must then successfully complete an interview, a verbal & written reference check and Garda Central Vetting.

Are your Carers Qualified and if so what is the minimum requirements?

All applicants participate in house training programmes, which covers the most practical topics and care needs training required in the care of the older person.

How is the carer matched to the client?

Our Care Managers will visit with you in your home and discuss the selection process,taking care to tailor your specified preferences to ensure a carer of choice is identified.

What makes Care-At-Home Services Home Care different from other companies?

We are a local Home Care Company based in Co Kildare, ideally located to provide a rapid respond.

Care-At-Home Services HomeCare team operate 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
‘A local service, for local people, by local people’

What happens if my Home Carer is sick or on holiday?

Care-At-Home Services have contingency plans for absenteeism /holidays to ensure continuity to our clients.
Care-At-Home Services place Home Care Support Workers in geographic ‘care cells’. These ‘care cells’ contain a group of Home Care Support Workers based in a set geographic location. This means that in the event of absenteeism we can rapid organise a replacement support worker within a one hour period, so as not to compromise the continuity of care for the client, and in emergencies our staff can be relieved.

Who pays the Home Carer Service me or you?

We Manage all the relevant invoicing requirements and issue invoices at intervals that best suit you: Every 2 weeks or Monthly.

Is there state funding available to help with costs?

Yes, there is a scheme known as the Home care package. Home care support package s are largely offered to older people who are already using existing core community services. and those requiring medium to high caring supports in order to continue to live at home independently. Each support package is tailored to each individual care needs, and is dependant on the individuals medical condition & level of care required, it is important to note that home care packages are designed to enhance rather than replace home support services already in the community.

A Care needs assessment is required and in the majority of cases is carried out by your local Public health nurse, she will assess your care needs and will determine with the client & or with the family how your needs would be most appropriately met.

For further information and an application form you will need to talk to your local Health Centre or Social worker. To find out more about this grant contact the HSE

I have heard there is tax relief available on home care fees, how can i avail of this?

Yes, tax relief between 20%-41% may be available to you or your family to find out more please visit the link to Revenue