Funding Options for Home Care Services

Help with funding care at home is available in Ireland today, However, knowing where to start looking for help can be quite daunting. Accessing financial help as early as possible is very important. To help you we have put together a few pointers which we hope, will make the process a little easier and quicker for you. The following options listed below offer a brief overview only, however,they do provide you with a starting point. To find out more about your local care in the community services you can visit the relevant agencies
Please note the list is not exhaustive and we recommend you to talk to your Accountant to explore other possible options that may be available to you.

Tax relief

Tax relief between 20%-41% may be available to you or your family to find out more : Download PDF file for The revenue form IT 47 Incapacitated person Allowance for Employing a carer.

Health Service Executive (HSE)

The H.S.E has responsibility for the delivery of public health community & home care supports at local level in Ireland. Services provided include:

Public health nurses

Home care attendants

Home helps


Occupational Therapists

Enhanced Home Care Packages- to over 65’s

Care-At-Home Services are named as H.S.E. Preferred Home Care Provider for Co. Kildare and West Wicklow 2014-2015

In 2006 the Government introduced a Grant to help with the cost of additional home care, known as the Home care support scheme for older people. The scheme is also known as the Home care package. Home care support packages are largely offered to older people who are already using existing core community services and those requiring medium to high caring supports in order to continue to live at home independently.

Each support package is tailored to each individual care needs, and is dependent on the individuals medical condition & level of care required, it is important to note that home care packages are designed to enhance rather than replace home support services already in the community.

A Care needs assessment is required and in the majority of cases is carried out by your local Public health nurse, she will assess your care needs and will determine with the client & or with the family how your needs would be most appropriately met.

For further information and an application form you will need to talk to your local Health Centre or Social worker.

To find out more about this grant visit

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